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One Off Cleaning

One Off Cleaning / Spring Cleaning

Our one off cleaning service is a thorough deep cleaning of your house also known as spring cleaning. It is a one time service, no further obligations. This service is designed for every customer’s personal needs and it is completely tailored to customer’s requirements. It is suitable for customers who do not require cleaning on regular basis or want a cleaner occasionally.

Our friendly and reliable staff provides deep one off cleaning services that leave your home looking and feeling fresh and revitalised.

Historically, spring cleaning was traditionally required for a home littered with soot from wood or coal heating after a long hard winter. It is still a regular practice in London as a symbol of a welcome season change that allows for the freshening up of indoor spaces.

Spic And Span Cleaners Ltd spring cleaning gets in, around and underneath furniture, cupboards, walls and windows and serves as a wholesome and sensible component for general home maintenance.

There is no job too dirty for us.
No hidden fees. Simple booking.


Regular Cleaning

Having a clean environment to live and work in is no small matter. Spend your time on things that really matter and let us take care of your home. Book a regular service today and enjoy your free time.

One Off Cleaning

One off cleaning service is a thorough deep cleaning of your house, a one-time service, no further obligations. This service is designed and tailored to customer’s needs and requirements.

End Of Tenancy

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, letting or vacating a property, we offer End of Tenancy to suit your needs. Spic And Span provides efficient and quality move-in or move-out cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

Presenting a clean image goes a long way in winning the favorable opinion of customers in London. Banks and office buildings in particular greatly benefit from professional cleaning services.

One Off Cleaning / Deep Cleaning

Pick and choose from a complete range of services that include:

Complete kitchen cleaning (countertops, sink, floors, cupboards)

Complete room and hallway cleaning

Cleaning and polishing of all woodwork

Washing blinds


Skirting boards

Appliance cleaning (fridge and oven inside and out)

Stairs and railings

Rubbish Bins

Doors and door frame cleaning

Floor washing

Dusting (furniture, picture frames, fixtures, lamps)

Window washing (inside and outside, including sills and ledges)

Carpet Cleaning

Wiping and dusting shelves

Bathroom cleaning (tiles, tub, sink, toilet and floor)

Steam cleaning


Spic And Span Cleaners one off cleaning can make your home feel like new. Our experienced cleaning staff can customise cleaning to accommodate any speciality service you may require from wardrobe reorganisation, to complete cupboard cleaning and washing.

Put the sparkle back into your home!